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Attorney at Law Massimo Gallera founded the Law Firm in 2003 together with Attorney at Law Giulio Gallera, as an independent boutique specializing in Civil and Commercial law.

Our goal is to provide Clients with high quality service and timely, customized assistance, proposing efficient, commercially viable, ad hoc solutions, at affordable prices.

Our Clients are our partners. We help them to achieve their objectives. Our Client base includes some of the most prominent Italian and international companies, market leaders in their respective sectors, as well as small and medium enterprises and individuals, who choose us for our “family approach” and flexibility.

Our main purpose is to meet our Clients’ expectations, understanding their requirements and identifying their needs. We like to think of ourselves as craftsmen, able to provide a “tailored” service which takes into account not only the economic and legal aspects of an issue, but also the business style of our Clients and the characteristics of the project they wish to realize.

At a time when legal services tend to be standardized, our Firm follows an opposite trend. We listen to our Clients understanding their exigencies. We are always available and promptly reply. Clients can always rely upon us: we are a safe harbor in companies and people’s everyday’ s life.

The attorney at law Massimo Gallera, after graduating in 1989 from the Ridgemont High School, Ohio (USA), graduated from High School Leopardi Institute in Milan in 1990. In 1997 he graduated in Law from the University of Milan, with Prof. P.G. Jaeger, with the Degree Thesis in corporate law: "Analysis of the differences between Italian and American Corporations, with particular reference to the nature and function of share capital ". In 1994 the lawyer Massimo Gallera obtained a scholarship, sponsored by the ISU of the Milan State University, and attended a semester in the American law school, Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, N.J. (USA), where he was able to attend the following courses: Corporate Finance, Anti-Trust, Property, Admiralty. In 2003 he enrolled in the Milan Bar Association.

The Gallera Law Firm allocates its wealth of knowledge to a better and more and more timely response to customer needs, paying the utmost attention to what, in our opinion, determines a high quality of professional performance: training, technology and care of the customer. Training for us means not only constant professional updating, but also practical application of the doctrinal and jurisprudential currents considered more interesting and suitable for the actual case. Furthermore, the Gallera Law Firm pays particular attention to client care, following it step by step and keeping it constantly informed.

The firm includes among its client, in addition to individuals, also relevant companies operating in the construction, production, trade and services fields and operates with consolidated professional skills in the field of contracts, real estate and property law, leases, commercial and corporate law, civil liability (torts), divorces and inheritances law.

In particular, Attorney at law Massimo Gallera boasts a ten-year collaboration with a leading multinational company in the sector of production and trading of coatings and paints in various industrial fields.

In carrying out the assignment, we use, if necessary, the support of the best professionals on the market; specifically: accountants, engineers, architects, forensic doctors, industrial experts, colleagues or professionals who are experts in subjects that are outside our normal professional experience.



Commercial and Corporate law

The Firm provides, both in the out-of-court and litigation phase,...

Debt Collection

The Firm provides assistance in debt collection activities,...

Compensation for damages - Torts

The Firm offers assistance and advice to obtaining compensation for the damage...

Real Estate

We assist customers in drafting contracts for the transfer or enjoyment of properties...

Bankruptcy law

The firm assists creditors, debtors and third-party investors in the restructuring of Italian companies...

Family law

The Firm offers assistance in separation and divorce procedures,...

Labor law

The firm boasts extensive experience in employment law, industrial relations and related litigations...

Inheritance law

The Firm offers both extrajudicial and judicial assistance...


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